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Grill Lovers Mini Rubs Gift Set

CHF 49.90

Know anyone who loves to grill/BBQ? This is the perfect gift! This set consists of 6 of our popular Grandpa’s Seasoning Rub in mini containers. This range of dry rubs is crafted with Anthony’s knowledge and experience in the art of spice mixing and getting his inspiration from our local traditional flavours. They are perfect to spice up your meal, not just for the grill, as they are also suitable to use for stir-fry dishes as well.

Inside the box:

This set includes a card with QR codes for usage recommendations.

Packed in reusable PET containers.


These artisanal spice blends are lovingly and masterfully handcrafted in small batches. Perfect as a gift because, to us, spice gifting is unique and practical!

Consist of only raw, unadulterated natural spices. There are no preservatives, no MSG, no additives, no fillers and no artificial colourings added.

All of our products are meat-free, gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

Weight450 g