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Oriental Treasure Rub

CHF 8.90

Use Oriental Treasure as a dry rub for any red meat for the grill or the pan or sprinkle on tofu for roasting. A non-spicy blend which makes it kids-friendly! This blend will remind you of our popular Chinese Five Spice flavour. One packet marinates about 2kg of meat.

Recipes are provided online and on the packaging.

Ingredients: Raw Cane Sugar, Swiss Salt, Orient Spices & Herbs.

All-natural with no preservatives, no flavour enhancers, no additives and no artificial colourings

Handcrafted and made in Singapore by Anthony The Spice Maker.

Packed in a food-grade resealable spice pouch in Switzerland.

Net Weight 80g


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How To Use:

Use 40g of Oriental Treasure Rub for 1 kg of meat.

Sprinkle some oil, then rub the seasoning onto the meat evenly.

Refrigerate marinated meat for at least 4 hours before grilling.

For better flavour, allow it to marinate overnight in the refrigerator.


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