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Rempah Making Masterclass


NOW open for 10 December 2023, Sundayclick here to sign up

Growing up, I loved being in the kitchen watching my grandmother cook and be her little assistant. There would be Nonya Curry Chicken almost every week, Sambal Udang (Chilli Prawns) and Sambal Asam Fish every other day, Traditional Laksa, Nasi Lemak and Singapore Chilli Crab on special occasions and Hae Bee Hiam (Dried Shrimp Chilli) as one of the must-have condiments together with other Teochew Chinese home-cooked delicacies. These are the types of food that you will see in a typical Chinese Peranakan (mixed marriages of Chinese merchants marrying local Malay women) household in Singapore. This is my heritage which I treasure deeply and have made it my personal life mission to preserve it and pass it down to the generations to come.

Rempah or spice paste is essential in many of our curries and sauces in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Making rempah and stir-frying them to cook traditional dishes is a labour of love. Just like making cheese and wine, it is an art that has been passed down from generations before. Like Switzerland, Singapore is a melting pot of cultures which consists of mainly Chinese, Malay, Indians and Eurasians. In the past, many immigrated/travelled to Singapore and brought with them treasured recipes and even ingredients from their home country before eventually making Singapore their home. Because of this reason, many fusion dishes were born such as Pork Ribs Rendang (a fusion of Chinese and Malay cuisine) and we have become a world-renowned food paradise. So, allow us to share these amazing Traditional Flavours of Singapore/Southeast Asia with you, who may be unfamiliar, but curious about our cuisine and their exciting flavours!

This masterclass is suitable for:

  • Food enthusiasts aged 14 and above
  • Culinary/Hotel school students
  • Company team building session

What will we be doing in this masterclass:

  • Short storytelling/sharing.
  • Participants will learn about the individual important spices and ingredients in many of Singapore’s traditional dishes.
  • We will demonstrate how to make a Rempah (spice paste) and teach how to cook the dish of the day.
  • Participants will then mix their spice blend with a guided dosage of each spice and the possibility to customize it to their ideal spice level.
  • Participants will blend their rempah to bring home in a container.
  • Food tasting!

Where does the masterclass take place?

  • QAP Coopérative Rue Farel 7, 1860 Aigle, Vaud
  • It is possible to conduct the Masterclass at your company/academy. Please write to us at or fill in the form below to reach out to us for a discussion. Fees are subject to change depending on various factors/requests.

fees and what’s included?:

  • 70 Fr.- pp, total duration 2 hours.
  • Masterclass will be conducted in both English and French.
  • Each participant will receive a booklet with the recipe included, and get to bring home their rempah together with a surprise gift from us.
  • If you are already a group of more than 8 people, you may suggest your preferred date and fill in the form below to reach out to us. If for some reason you did not receive a reply, please feel free to give us a text at +41 078 791 94 57 or email us at thank you!